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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  January 12, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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in office, and they're going to project to have a trillion. jack lew does not deserve to be the treasury secretary. lori: not only, doug, did he balance the books under the clinton administration, but he actually had a bipartisan budget deal with a surplus. >> with a republican congress who did i. he didn't do it as the head of omb. lori: and that's kind of what we're hearing -- >> i was there. i actually worked to get that deal done. you can't do this alone. the republicans cannot by immaculate conception create a balanced budget. jack lew was an integral part of it. he believes in a balanced budget, he's fiscally prudent, he should be confirmed. i like him, i think he's the last guy. lori: matt, i'll give you the last word. >> you've got to be kidding me. a wall street guy? [laughter] >> he's a good man. >> he can't balance the budget. >> yes, he can. >> he's just going to spend. i'm sorry, doug, i don't want to disparage -- lori: all right, it's just
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getting interesting. sorry, we're out of time. thanks so much. and thank you for joining me. i'm lori rothman sitting in for lou dobbs tonight. catch me each day on ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. our video games -- are video games to blame for gun violence in this country? vice-president continuing his week-on meetings at the white house seeking ways to reduce gun violence in this country following last month's massacre in newtown, conn. today it was the video-game industry's turn. in those talks were publishers of some of the most violent games out there including electronic arts, activision blizzard his violent game, call of duty, one of the biggest moneymakers ever. this is what it is like to play
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one of these games which brings him back to the question i started this show with. are video games really to blame? for joining me now, a psychiatrist to things video games are responsible for gun violence. a gaming blogger with sentinel who says they're not to blame. travis, you say your video game player. you say they are not to blame. how so? >> i have been playing video games for around 17 years. at plated number of video games, and at the end of the day when we talk about sandy hook and violent incidents i fail to see that correlation between video games of violence being portrayed. we are losing sight of what is really to blame, and at the end of the day it is the people that make these actions. gerri: the people to actually pull the trigger. doctor, what do you say? howdy you counter that?
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and-agree. >> yes. if you want to look, that is a perfect example. and the first reports came out about how he had shot his mother in the head and how he had shot the kids impossible to vibe multiple times, not just once or twice, but ruled with bullets, and he was obsessed with video games because we have seen time and time again when there have been shootings, when people are shot like that like you shoot in a video game, that these are people who have been trained on video games. that is exactly what happened. children who are not rewarded other places that life could reward for killing more and more are video games. gerri: let's bring travis back. respond. there is something to the way these shootings occur. so similar to the way people react and interactive games. what do you make of it, travis? >> in -- it might be similar, but i fail to make a connection between the acts that are dead in reality to virtual reality.
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just because he did this, just because his actions were similar, i find it ridiculous that we are making the connection that these actions are somehow linked to video games. at the end of the day it has not been said that he has played video games. i fail to see the connection. gerri: at thing that has been some other reporting, that he did. let me ask a different question, and i will go to you, dr. lieberman. where is mom and dad? the parents? the actual ratings for these games, and let me show you. all kinds for everything from early childhood stettin tab mature adults only. at the end of th day, if you want to control this, mom and dad have to get involved. what do you say that? >> first of all, the rating system does not read these dams appropriately. the things they say are okay for certain ages and really should not be seen by these ages or anyone, adults for that matter.
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i fail to see the connection, this is just like the video game industry, just like the tobacco industry for years ago when they fail to see that there was a connection between smoking cigarettes and cancer. there have been decades and decades of studies it showing that when people watch video games, play video games, the more hours they consume, the more they become aggressive. there are studies that show that there are physical changes in the brain. gerri: you have to respond to this. what to you make of the studies being cited here? >> you know, i think when you compare something like video game violence to tobacco you are comparing apples to oranges. i am living proof and have been planning violent video game systems for years old. i have never done anything violent, and i'm sure there are millions of others that have not either. as far as these studies go, i will advise everyone to take over what they're worth because there are millions of members of the the play violent video games on a daily basis and if they
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truly are to blame would like to believe that we would be seeing a lot more incidents similar to send the puck. gerri: what did they say, money talks. let's look at retail sales. they are down december to december 10th 3 billion. maybe mom and dad started yanking the court on paying for some of this stuff, but is this a case where it is a big industry and you cannot fight back because there are so many companies involved, so powerful. is it a gerri willis, we are just ignoring the problems are? >> it is both. i have been fighting back to video-game companies for years, and yet they become more and more powerful because it is an addiction. they hook people on the video games. they get rewarded for playing the games, and you cannot stop. it is a change that happens in the body that excites you. it's like an adrenaline rush, and some people actually get addicted, just like with nicotine, and we have to stop. parents have to pay more attention, and the game makers
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to stop making violent video games. gerri: travis, is ceasing you are addicted to the rush of the game. the you have it right? >> then, she does not. when we are comparing video games to nicotine, you're comparing to entirely different things. i, like any other player, we don't get addicted. there is not a rush, and moreover, i think that this violent portrayal that is given to video games is a bad stereotype given to the industry and i think that -- >> that is what most of the games are. gerri: response to carol's. >> not all of them. not all of them are. >> the game manufacturers push the envelope in order to get people to buy their games, and they do that by making them more violent. gerri: to you agree? >> most of th time, though, what people fail to realize is games to more than just show violence. they tell stories. added a report in college selling how they tell stories.
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there not apparatuses rewrote rewarded for shooting people, they tell stories, and more often than not, they don't push the envelope. the end of the day, most of the stuff i have seen and done, and seated on the news, on television, and herded in music. gerri: i want to follow up with one thing you told one of our producers with that of the interesting. playing video games is a cop out. what are we ignoring. what is the issue? >> i think we need to look into the issues that he was plagued with. the reports show that he was a mentally unstable individual. i fail to see how video games or even other issues being talked about should come into play. when we talk about video games and when we blame this incident on video game violence we are taking away from what really matters, and that is more studies on illnesses and having more awareness about people that may show signs so things can be done.
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gerri: you are a psychiatrist. and the response to that? >> there is no question that people with certain psychological issues are more vulnerable to the impact of violent video games. children have been neglected and spend lots of hours playing violent video games for children with mental illnesses are adults with mental illnesses, but just because that is not the only part of the story. the more hours of violent media, reticulate video games that you consume the blood of more you become aggressive. even if you don't go into a school and start shooting people , you will become -- more rage, more aggression in all other aspects of real life. gerri: all right. i think we have covered this. and just to close out here, i appreciate both of you on this topic. testing stuff, but i have to say, like travis, my husband is a big video game player and i've never even seen him take a dog. i think it is an open question. fascinating topic. thank you for being on tonight. they do so much.
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>> thank you. gerri: these video games are not only violent, but big business. as we mentioned, more than $3 billion worth of games were sold last december alone. what are the best-selling games of all time? that list makes up tonight's top five. number five, we played. sales of more than a billion. while most will consider it violet, get this video. it is mostly games like table tennis and billiards. it does have a shooting game. number four, grand theft auto. one and 1/3 billion. a huge profit. number three, mario kart, the version of this make a popular series released in 2008 that sold nearly 30 million copies. the highest grossing nintendo game of all time. you probably know that mom and dad. number two, it does not get much
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more violent, call of duty blacktops ticket to all new level grossing more than the first two versions combined. the second came out in november earnings of billion dollars to $7 billion in two weeks. the number one best-selling, world warcraft. by a landslide analysts predict this game has generated well over $10 billion in revenue, and it is a cult favorite. it looks like it. a lot more to come, including our debate on whether a school can suspend arrested for not getting a flu shot. next stop forget love. it turns out money cannot buy you prosperity. how the prosperous u.s. really is. is. stay with us
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♪ gerri: today i came across a new survey that made me stop and think in that but you might like it.
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it's called leg got them prosperity index, and the idea is that gdp is not enough in determining which countries are truly prosperous. you can see the web sites. they take into account opportunity, education, health, personal safety, a other categories. the idea being it is that does the money but how happy you are. having introduced that index, i don't agree with its findings. we rank 12th out of 142 nations. take a look at where we have gh marks. health. it surprised me until i read the offer -- office considered lobbying and public spending. education, the authors say quality of and access to schools isontributing mightily to prosperity. governance, number ten. presumably the data was tallied 04 of congress dithered. another number ten rating as
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what that study called social capital. with the authors mean by that is just social cohesion. family and community ties that contribute to well-being. the study in the following performance, and this mystified me. the economy. the highest gdp in the world, but the authors of the -- also greeted us on unemployment and personal savings rates. entrepreneur real ship with, we scored low. frankly, this is one i simply don't get since starting a business seems to be a founding principle of this country. we also scored poorly on safety and security. lowest ranking. personal freedom. at any rate, the u.s. standing fell out of the top ten for the first time in this study, and the authors say that we were pulled down primarily by the decline in the number of u.s. citizens to believe are or will get the man had. fewer of us apparently feel that
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way. as we grow entitlement nation, the cost is high. social mobility declines, opportunity dams. we need to return to what made as great. maybe there's a lesson in a study. you want to know who ranks number one? you can see how it stacks up by going to check it out. >> coming up on "the willis report," would you do if your child was not allowed in schools are not getting the flu shot? our legal team is here to weigh in on an explosive new story. his college a lousy investment? is it worth it? new dated to perk up all of you graduates living at home with mom and dad. and for all you'd downs and daddy attics, our travel expert is here to share his best tips on how you can tour the beautiful palace. we are on the case next on "the willis report."
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gerri: the latest on a new jersey school suspending a 4-year-old for not getting the
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♪ gerri: well, it is loose season. you probably already know that, and this year is one of the worst. they includerestraints that are making people sicker. the good news, the latest numbers hinted that it may have already peaked. according to the centers for disease control, the number of states reporting widespread flu is up to 47 from 41 just one week ago. the only states not experiencing an epidemic of california, mississippi, and allied. here is the good news. hard-hit states fell from 29-24.
5:22 am
vaccinations are recommended for everyone six months and older and health officials say it is not too late. and causing major trouble for one new jersey family. of 4-year-old was not allowed to get a preschool for one week because of a state law which requires children the age of five to give a shot. paris refused even if they shut because the boys allergy. the school finally relented and the board will be going back monday, but should this have happened in the first place? whitney vice his legal analyst, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. he added doctor's note. his pediatrician city could get sick. the parents of the kid said we're not trying to make that kind of mistake, that kind of
5:23 am
risk and love this kid may be potentially to lose his life. gerri: well, you know, the doctor wrote a note but did not make the connection between the elegy and the flu shot which might have been the problem. what do you make of this? >> the funny thing is i went to this elementary school, and i was embarrassed. as to the up side and saluted the flag debate in the data that school. this is an embarrassment. they made a policy, stuck to it and said something really stupid. take the vaccine first and let's see what happens. >> subpoenaed allergies. the same thing. so the nerve, the next that will have the vaccine. going to sit around and wait for this kid to go into epileptics seizures.
5:24 am
>> and these are only 60, 65 percent effective anyway. now like it is 100 percent in the wake. so they're still going to get the flu. gerri: another topic because there is another case that i want you to adjudicate command and a you disagree. this is the interesting case. this is a woman who is at cincinnati student. they have tracked her down, put software on her computer to a follower. and she basically went to up court and ask for help. the court gave her to -- give a tour of. >> these are not helicopter parents become a prison guard parents. these are parents that made her put skype on at night in her dorm room so they could see her sleep. they put a keystroke robber laptop so everything she did. the school understood this and that security guards to keep the parents a way. >> because they won this see your school events and be there to support their child.
5:25 am
>> but when they said we're not paying tuition, the school understood was going on and gave her a scholarship. the judge agreed with me. these parents are stalkers. the irony of ironies is that every media outlet in the world in the last week and a half has been looking for them, putting notes on their door, calling them. gerri: tell me what you think. >> i sit on the other side. people in its sentencing. terrible parents. there were never there. absent my whole life and now finally you have parents, a little overzealous -- >> a little, little? on going to put skype on the night. >> she is the adults. she is the adults. gerri: also a rock star with terrific rates, an outstanding student.
5:26 am
>> but we don't know what else is going on. there may be some mental-health issues. >> oh, right. >> that sounds a little delusional. >> parents to care about their kid. gerri: what to say that the schools sided with the child. >> they're worried about their liability. >> the school, the judge. gerri: how hard is it in cincinnati ohio to get a judge to tell parents. cincinnati is very conservative, and this is not a conservative ruling. >> absolutely. i think it is the wrong ruling. and should this gentle lady is a fantastic girl, but to take it into a corner room -- >> automobile fashioned. mom and dad -- >> at some point. [talking over each other] >> you what will -- ashley webster ashley webster captain .
5:27 am
>> they stopped paying the tuition and then you take them to ourt. what about the old-fashioned thing. let's go up for a cup of coffee. i have to talk. >> i think she probably tried this. gerri: somebody else in the family to come in. this is not for corporate. >> it is hard to tell. you guys make it points on both sides. i can't pick one side. you guys are good. i think we figured the fluting a pretty quickly. thank you. great job to both of you. appreciated. amazing that you went to that school. >> weird. gerri: now we want to know what you think. have you got enough to shut this year. log on to and vote on the right inside of the screen. later on, we will show you how you can take down every vacation in the lap of luury. and the questions, is college worth it? a new report gives us an answer and achieving the american dream.
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>> from our fox business studios in new york, here again is gerri willis. ♪ gerri: a fox business alert. the head of the federal aviation administration says the boeing 787 is safe, but he is concerned about recent incidents including a battery fire and fuel leak earlier this week. therefore the faa is launching a comprehensive investigation into the 787, reviewing everything from design to manufacturing and assembly. as a result the stock took a nose dive, falling around two and a half%. on to a topic we love to cover, a college degree, is it worth
5:32 am
it? the question on everyone's mind as credit states crushing debt. phar-mor, i want to welcome the author of from preschool to grad school, strategies for success at any level of competitive admissions. and charlie kirk is the founder of turning point u.s.a., and he has experience being in school because i think he is just out if i have your age right. thank you for coming on. give us your view. is college reported? >> i think it is becoming more and more less an investment that people put into it. the federal reserve released a report a student loan debt has surmounted $1 trillion. kids are waist deep in debt, and it disallows for entrepreneurial innovation, and kids will not be able to pursue their dreams, and they are in servitude for 20-30 years. gerri: strong words. what do you think? do you agree that for some people out there it just does not make sense?
5:33 am
>> at the college degree is worth something. exactly how much is what is a up for question, and i agree there's a lot of confusion about how much people should be paying for college. at the most people don't have the tools to figure out, to navigate their own financial waters. gerri: you know, charlie, what i find amazing and i see this all the time, the schools here are really, really expensive. people applied to schools that they have no way of thwarting. people who are going to go into journalism and make a small amount of money coach said of n.y.u. where they are signing up for $100,000 to greek. >> unrealistic. i can encounter a better story. in chicago line up for the wanted to be a mechanic, now going to indiana for four years, going to study medieval history. wise is studying at? he says, he was pushed toward it
5:34 am
because of his counselors and teachers. if he wants to become mechanics he should go to a trade school. he is taking of his songs and he may never become successful in the workforce, and we're seeing on to power rubble's happen, and nothing is really happening in an industry. gerri: we talk about tuition sticker shock. in states colleges, we are looking at tuition over 20,000. private colleges, 43,000. i feel sorry for people who are trying to go to school right now because doing it in a way that makes financial sense is almost impossible. what do you tell people come to you and say, look, one in education, but i don't want to pay a nominal like. >> people should cultivate an understanding of what they individually can afford. sometimes an expensive school makes sense if you have the money it paid for it and if you are fairly certain you're going to go into a high-grossing
5:35 am
career after word. problem comes when people go to a journalism school or some sort of field. gerri: they want to be a poet. spend a million dollars for education. the craziest thing ever. >> in other times things don't go as planned. you might enter school intending to do something that pays a high salary and might not graduate. by the time you graduate you may have changed from mind, so i think families need to be realistic about the risk involved in banking on coming out of school was a really high salary. gerri: charlie, i want to ask you a question. the very fact of governments and loans, is that the thing that is spurring colleges and universities in many cases to raise the tuition each and every year. at the end of the day the kids would get the money to come to school with. >> i think government plays a huge role in my tuition is skyrocketing. since 1980 the revelation has
5:36 am
been 135%. you can see that because we keep on passing more and more government programs and a central authority trying to back it. in pleading in this tree, happening with the student loan bubble command government says we will subsidize it. more people want to go in the price goes up. the intention is there. we want people to be educated, but the result is kids have to pay astronomical amounts of money to go to school. gerri: you have looked at something interesting. return nine investment. schools say they give kids. not true. give us some details. >> i don't think that schools are misleading. typically they will publish the average starting salary for the graduates of the schools. where the disconnect happens is that people applying to the schools assume that they will learn and to -- at least as much as the average starting salary. if it is $50,000 some people and
5:37 am
$80,000 graduated. quite the candidates need to be realistic. they're going to make everything look as good as possible. you have something called a student at clock on your website. tell us a little bit about that. >> we just on least a student debt clock. we did that to see how much they owed because students say, oh, well, i know this much to college. well, the federal government. and it is kind of interesting way that students can relate and see, well, you think a thousand is a lot. over 800,000 in shared financial that which is unbelievably immoral and it impractical. gerri: i agree. you guys have done a great job talking tell us about how people should think about college and
5:38 am
college debt. thank you so much for coming on. appreciate your time. >> thank you. gerri: and on to this stay in business. it was this day back in 1913, the first in a closed car. a hanson said and went on display at the 13th annual automobile show in new york. a detroit businessman started the hudson motor car company with one goal, producing high-quality medium priced car. the entrepreneur founded the company that was of a shot -- eventually named after him. one of the first of low-priced cars selling for less than $1,000. my second year production the company was ranked the 11th largest of a company in america, and in 1925 he was the third largest auto manufacturer in the u.s. behind ford and chevrolet. hudson motors fifth merged to form american motor company in 1954, but by 1987 american motor
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♪ gerri: much-needed relief may be on the way for residents of louisiana. governor bobby general says he wants to eliminate all state, personal, and corporate income tax does. the plan is to make louisiana more business friendly. no better way than to drop taxes it could be in response to the neighbor taxes which has had no income tax for years. they rely on a windfall from the rich energy resources as well as other forms of taxation, including a sales tax. political analysts are warning the proposal to eliminate income tax could be followed by a plan to raise the sales tax. the office responded to the claim saying only he wants to keep the sales tax as low as possible. well, from texas to investment, it is a mad-toward equity mutual funds in the new year. inflows for the first week reaching $22 billion in his second highest level in history and the highest in 11 years.
5:44 am
emerging-market equity funds saw the biggest inflow reheat to cover teeseven and a half billion. ceo of edelman financial services joins me now. when regular investors finally get interested in equity says it mean it is almost over? >> ordinarily i would agree it to my yes, it does, but not this time. you know why? it has been five years since ordinary consumers have had any confidence at all in the u.s. stock market. finally, after watching the stock market rise for years in a row doubling from its margin of nine note and the investors realize the world is not coming to an end. gerri: will this continue? >> a huge continued inflow. >> there might be a huge continued inflow, but will there be a saint -- similar continuing rise in stock values. can it go on? >> we are going to see continued increase in stock prices because
5:45 am
once consumers take all the trillions of dollars that had been on the sidelines and put it into stocks, that will cause prices to rise, but corporate profits. just because the stock price goes up does not mean that the stock deserves a high price. that is that here you have, and ensu concern. gerri: it is all about valuation. what you make of that? plenty of people telling me that he is a reasonable and we should be happy with what we are seeing and stocks are cheap. do you agree? >> we are very comfortable with what is going on in the market, and the overall economy as a whole. we just of that congress does not market -- market all of. gerri: you bring a degree point because the first time we had the debt ceiling issue, which is the one now looming in congress, we saved 2,000 points of the stock market. it did not last, thankfully, but it was scary. it may allow the people uneasy. we will -- will leave be in for
5:46 am
the same type of problem if we get right up to that deadline and no agreement? >> yes. yes. and that is why we are all annoyed and hopeful that congress will learn a lesson and not do a test again because all they're doing getting in our way causing a lot of banks and warrior necessarily for the american public and investors or a wide. gerri: a broader question. you're a smart guy and you watch all this stuff. one of the things the we're waiting for, listening tour, s&p, moody's, downgrade are dead again, what will happen? we will be the ramifications? how will that hit individual investor portfolios? >> there is a risk that traditionally when they're is a downgrade of a bond rating the value of the bond goes down as well, which means if you own u.s. government securities you're going to suffer a loss of value. that did not really happened in the s&p not just out from aaa
5:47 am
last time. people beginning to wonder if they knock us down again is anyone going to care. >> back then we were the prettiest force in the glue factory. u.s. treasuries are the only place to help. hopefully we still have that window our backs. thank you for coming down and always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. gerri: still to come, my "2 cents more" on messed up priorities in our nation's capital. and next, behind-the-scenes to one of television's most popular and talked-about shows. how you can have a down abbey vacation coming up next. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger,
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you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. gerri: 8 million viewers watch the show. now to our. how you can
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gerri: 8 million viewers tuned in to see the season premiere of down abby, but how about pretending to be literally the grant of four day. your top travel tips. with more on this, travel expt mark murray. i think this is the most gorgeous house ever. really called hike their castle. but how do i even think about getting there? should i take a tour? what is the best received? >> a lot of ways to go. right now they are sold out for april and may, so you cannot get it if you wanted and that is for individual tickets. you can go with a group. so lots of different options. you might want to hop on the birds that lentic flight.
5:52 am
but your tickets in advance. you can't put them until june at this point. the big demand. 8 million viewers for the season opener up from 5 million from the season finale. gerri: showing pictures of it. amazing. a lot of fun to see. what is the best time to travel? >> you can experience the garden . he spends time in the garden, after the, what the grounds, it takes about a half a day to really experience it. they will -- we were there from the allocation and got to cnn outside with a personal tour. it was lovely. gerri: there is an actual family that lives there. >> and it has been in the same family since 1679. gerri: and some of the stuff has not changed all that much. they try to keep everything. you fly into london. >> an hour outside of london.
5:53 am
they want you to experience history by actually living it. imagine going there and learning the history. maybe things like a little bubbler school where you can go in and become a bubbler. there is a company. gerri: kent i'd be the lady of the house? >> absolutely. so the viking river cruises. gerri: tell me about that. >> it is a cruise, and what they do is to a pre or post experience so that you can experience the castle with the three or four nights and also experience oxford and some of the other things that make that a special trip facts. gerri: you say some of the actors to actors actually stay there. >> that is what they tell me. you might not be all to experience the castle itself, but you might run into some of the cast. if you are a fanatic, that might be just as good. gerri: so lucky.
5:54 am
sit down and run into one of the actors. so you go with her husband and he is not such a big fan. what can he do? >> so many great experiences. london is right there. one of the things that is happening with great britain is heritage. people want to experience the culture. because of the tv sure this has put a spotlight here. you can go so. i rented a jack wire. i went out there and drove that to the countryside. gerri: at jaguar. >> e5 call school. added that in this stone cottages, absolutely spectacular . used up in these the villages. >> now you have miasmas attention. he would do that. >> all types of things the hindu >> and the harry potter to work. you can jump out to the studios and experience that. a company called brick movie tours that will take you around to different sets including high
5:55 am
clear cassels' service in the inexperience with the set is like and what the experience is like. lots of different options. one of my best travel tips is talk to an agent. gerri: you don't have to worry about it. someone who has experience. thank you for coming on. a great job and grace sell. i'm taking notes. thank you so much. we'll be right back with my "2 cents more" and the answer to the question of the day. did you get a flu shot? ♪ [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today.
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gerri: the latest numbers indicate floozies and may have peaked already after getting a very early start. did you get your flu shot? >> no. i do not trust the establishment with what they think is the right to virus. >> i get one every year.
5:59 am
it could save my life. those who did not should not complain. >> 56% said yes. that is the pretty even split. >> the g.o.p. needs to make a stand and not cave with the strong arm tactics. we cannot kick it can't anymore. bomb only cares about redistribution of wealth in this of the matter time when the bond vigilante's will deal with the debt crisis. its deals with internal reform. gerri: i agree. >> no more taxation without representation should be changed to the representation without taxation. gerri: that is funny. we've no congress and the president cannot get real work done.


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